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Bernadette Torres and Ashéninka Mino

June 24th, 2017

Mystical Life is proud to introduce Bernadette Torres and Ashéninka Mino. Bernadette and her partner Mino do a healing garden & educational programs since May 2009 in hopes of inspiring others to create their own healing garden. They make this contribution to the present and future generations in order to continue healing and supporting Mother Earth. They share their 100 years of combined knowledge with the community through classes and presentations.

Bernadette is an herbalist and worked as an herbalist in various health stores and as a rep for several herbal companies since 2004. She continues to study with various traditional and non-traditional teachers and courses. Her experience is vast but she feels like there is always so much more to know so she continues to search out other knowledgeable teachers in this field. She finds that many of her students are providing her with the greatest opportunity to fulfill that need. In the last decade, she expanded her scope by studying botany, plant identification, and herbal medicine making with Bert Norgorden, MA who is well-loved herbalist and nature photographer. In 2004, she took the Foundations in Herbal Medicine course to learn from the wisdom of Tieraona LowDog as a physician and healer and how the herbs acted as biochemical agents in the body. Finally, her journey brought her to study the Ashéninka healing techniques. At this point in her life, she is primed to share this wealth of knowledge as a teacher and herbal consultant.

Ashéninka Mino was born into a family of healers in a small community in central Peru. His sister currently serves the community as the local healer. Healings range from minor to the miraculous and include physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Healings can go on for days until the desired result is achieved and can include the use of plants and animals(Spiritual Guides). Out of respect for their culture, Mino uses elements that are soft and acceptable to Americans. Sessions are gentle and last about an hour. Some issues are cleared in one session. Many are cleared in three sessions and rarely, a client may require more than three sessions to clear an issue entirely. While Shaman is probably the closest term Americans can relate to what Mino does, Mino is humbly a healer who utilizes some aspects of healing as does a Shaman.

Come learn teachings with Bernadette Torres and Ashéninka Mino!

About the Speaker

Bethany Paix

August 26th, 2017

Mystical Life is proud to a wonderful person Bethany as our August speaker! 

Bethany Paix is an internationally known energy healer who specializes in removal of negative energies and facilitates movement of the human spirits to the Light. Sometimes referred to as exorcism or ghostbusting, deep spiritual healing goes beyond these popular descriptions to heal people, property or businesses. Bethany clears negativity either in person or over distance and then calls in blessings. She teaches the client as a natural learning process to help people hold more Love and Light going forward in order to be closer to our Creator. 

Bethany was born with spiritual gifts of healing, clearing, and intuition and is a certified practitioner in Spirit Releasement and Soul Retrieval. Previous trainings include: Spiritual Protection; Alchemical Hypnotherapy; Reiki, Master Level; Noetic Field Therapy; Geotran and more. Healing is achieved by partnering with the many angels and beings of Light. 

Bethany has a degree in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) from the University of Denver.

Bethany can be contacted at:

[email protected]

 Watch a recent presentation of Bethany explaining her work by clicking on the YouTube button below.

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